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A new era of rebar is about to begin as North American Concrete opens its new division: North American Rebar specializing in the distribution of composite rebar, glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP). Fiberglass rebar will change the industry forever and there’s little surprise as to why. With corrosion of concrete structures being a constant threat in humid, coastal and cold countries the shift to a material that will not cause this type of damage, extending the structure’s lifespan.


Steel rebar has been the standard for years in the industry as a reliable building material, however, with the recent tariffs on exported steel and the overall industry mind shift towards more environmentally friendly materials fiberglass has become a prime candidate to replace it. Light in weight with milder stiffness compared to that of steel allow for structures to be less rigid meaning the concrete is less likely to crack due to stress put on it due to changes in weather conditions from hot to cold which will cause thermal expansion as well as compression. Thermal isolation also further aids in preventing this. Fibreglass rebar also has excellent electrical isolation helping in prevent any interference and making it a great choice for buildings that require low magnetic properties.


To learn more about this new and exciting venture, feel free to reach out to us here or visit the North American Concrete website for more information.