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The Texas Epoxy Shortage Keeping Our Promise Despite Rising Prices

The Texas winter storm of 2021 is one people won’t soon forget. Its impact rippled through all of North America by raising gas prices along with the cost of groceries and other items. It also caused multiple businesses to shut down which has caused severe delays. One of these sectors was chemical plants which are responsible for the production of resin epoxy.

Epoxy is used in multiple reinforcement and bonding applications of concrete. It is also used in coatings, repair materials, grouts, bonding agents, adhesives, sealers and as admixtures in hydraulic cement just to name a few. The entire industry as a result have had to increase their pricing tenfold in order to account for the rising cost of these materials. This makes it more difficult for contractors to procure these products and for clients to afford them.  The single greatest impact being that on FRP rebar, tempting many to steer back towards reinforcement of concrete with traditional steel.

Despite these hurdles, North American Concrete has chosen to remain true to its word and continues to offer the same competitive pricing that it has on vinyl ester rebar to all clients in not just 2021, but mid 2020. The negative effects of steel as a reinforcement are primarily around corrosion. However, poor bonding adhesion, reduced tensile strength, and impacts on labor are just a few other factors that make the switch to vinyl ester FRP applications obvious.

“FRP vinyl ester rebar is a product we strongly believe in. Our vision for it will revolutionize the construction industry forever. Municipalities, industrial clients, and homeowners alike deserve a product that more than doubles their investments longevity. This trend will continue so long as the products remains reasonably priced despite these temporary conditions. We may take a loss on the product in the short term, but it’s a step in the direction forward when competing with prices of steel. Micro losses, macro gains.” Says Kyle Mufti, CEO of North American Concrete and North American Rebar.