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Giving Back to Small Business and Our Community

This past holiday season and leading into the New Year, North American Concrete along with other local businesses set out to raise money for those in need while also helping small businesses and our Oshawa community.

Restaurant owners are some of the hardest hit in our community with COVID-19 continuing to impact them daily. And yet, they are essential pillars in which we rely on. Their ongoing hardships were made incredibly clear after delivering cheques throughout the neighborhood to local small businesses trying to stay afloat. "We just got a gas bill for $900 and we weren't sure what we were going to do." the owner of Mama's yummy food exclaimed upon hearing she'd been selected to receive one of the donation packages. "This money will go a long way to helping our business stay afloat in these hard times." Small businesses are pivotal to our community and everyday lives and yet, there's not nearly enough done to help them make it through.

“As a community, we are all in this together. When small businesses face hardship, we all feel the effects. Our staff share the same values and core beliefs when it comes to giving back, even if that means scaling back on our own personal bonuses in times like these. We hope others will create a similar workplace culture and do the same.” Says Kyle Mufti, President of North American Concrete Inc.

After the initial round of delivering cheques, North American Concrete went even further to additionally raise over $2000 which was then donated to C.A.M.P. (Community Assisted Meal Program) to help provide meals for the homeless.

“With the economic uncertainty and increased food insecurity that was brought about by the looming pandemic, the struggle to make ends meet is very real. Oshawa is the 7th most expensive place to rent in Canada and many rely on the Community Assisted Meal Program (CAMP) to make ends meet.” Says Ray Bond from Durham Dignity for the Homeless. “When Agnes and Lindsey stopped by to tell us that North American Concrete had raised $2,200 for CAMP, it was a sigh of relief to say the least. CAMP is a citizen led initiative that is not funded by government moneys and this generosity couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you!”