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North American Concrete collaboration with Caterpillar Apparel

North American Concrete is proud to announce our collaboration with Caterpillar Workwear! The best in the industry are working together to deliver premium construction apparel for concrete tradesmen. North American Concrete employees will receive discounted pricing on all units for personal orders. Our shop will be releasing this exciting collaboration April 15, 2021 on our website.

“Branding is key when it comes to company image and identity. To have Caterpillar partner with us brings NAC’s degree of professionalism to the next level,” says Agnes Jankiewicz, Creative Director of North American Concrete, “It creates a sense of unity for all employees whether you are out in the field or working in the office. We’re incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity to carry quality proven apparel by CAT for our workers.”

Some items in the shop will rotate seasonally based on availability but some will be available year-round. Our construction line will complete the wardrobe for tradesmen with direct shipping to their doors. Sunglasses, jackets, sweaters, polos, shirts, and more are in the line-up.

“When our creative director advised me that Caterpillar wanted to partner with North American Concrete, I was shocked. Caterpillar is an iconic symbol of quality in construction. Our team looks forward to bringing the same standard to our clients with a Caterpillar logo next to NAC” Says Kyle Mufti, CEO of North American Concrete.

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